Helion: Devil's Tattoo

Step into a magic garden
Shroud of mystery turns away
Can you see the dragon slither
And the writing on the wall?
The pilgrim and the traveller
Round of beer salutes the dead
This bazar of ancient artform
One more beer, my mind's astray

Carve those lines on my hands
Paint them red with ink and blood

Burn the flame beneath my skin
Make my spirits rise
Hack my face, blind my eyes
Make my soul reborn
...With devil's tattoo

Misty figures, I'm surrounded
Lumination on the wall
I'm stuck into this chair
Deafening roar of bliss
Breath of shadow fills my lungs
I feel no shame
Stream of darkness fills my veins
I feel the icy flame

Carve those lines on my back
Wipe them clean of ink and blood