Nosdrama: Cold trails, long roots

Black leather wings, dark my path along the misty way
like a poison cloud it flees above my head.
Painting to air depressive map into the long lost life
and those memories are too deep to fade away.

Against my will, I follow flight into the darkest woods
to the place, that’s beyond the sight of light.
Cold trails, long roots that never ends.
When I turn, I’m at the line insanity…and I smile…

Feed me more whip o’ god
Show all the rage in u
Taste me in full range of load
Strike on as hard u can.

All cracks remains in the crystal game we’re living in
with the fate, thou won’t let us be alone.
It tries to get charge, searching neck unsheltered with the nails
of pain. Searching neck unsheltered with the rope of lie.