Helion: Shadow of the Sun

After the storm has faded
After the night has gone
Summon the call
The virgin follows the newborn
They step through the gate of ages
Into a world of no fear
Where deaf are to follow the blind

I close my eyes
And clench a fist for hate
I scream inside

Under the shadow of the sun
Awaken the beast, the demon in my mind
Beyond the shores of evermore
Awaits us the doom and the end of the world

Riding the wind, Orion sharpens his knife
So pray that you'll die tomorrow
Instead of today

And in my eyes
I hold the seed of hate
I feel the burning flame

(We must pay the price for the harmony we have lost
The gods will have their vengeance
They will send down the hunter
And riding the wind of fire
he'll strike down us all)

And in your eyes
You hold the seed of hate
You feel the burning flame