Helion: God of Fire

Wake up all you hypocrites and non-believers
Cast your eyes upon the sky, do not fail and cry
Time is up
Now the line is being put together
I'll make your spirits fall
I shall make you crawl

Damnation from the gods
A curse to put you down
Rain of bloody thorns
Slash your skin through

Lack of faith precedes
Punishment for trembling
Materialise the score in pain

Cast my power
Rule you all
Dominion of my light
I am the law
I am the god of fire

Flame is my element of passion
Alone I make it disappear
Alone I make it grow
You will share this pleasure with me - eternal
Close the curtain, shut the door
Let the show begin

The testament of gods
A curse to put you down
Of all the things you fear
I'm the worst of all