Helion: King of Fools

He leads them to salvation
Shepherd with a crown
Fighting for redemption
(He is) The king of fools

Seven lifetimes' death
From the land of dust
The stream no more a cage
The bars are broken
Makes no difference
How holy be the cause
The answer lies within
Which can't be seen does not exist

Now the flock will fall apart
They lose their faith in god

The miracles divine
Pull back the lost ones
The doubtful will return
Still suspicious
Not the written word
Or the thunder or the rain
The statue states the sin
They will not listen to holy words

Defiance of this fate
Will not be seen through
One prayer to the maker
Leap of faith so blind

At last they reach the land
The holy place for god and man
Yet the question still remains
Will the soil be stained?

Follow holy words
The world is in eclipse
The messenger of light
(He is) The king of fools