Hate Revelation: Harvest Of Distorted Souls

Don't give to your son false faith,
it will turn into hate.
And when he sees what is true,
he will come after you.
You have twisted his mind,
made him pray your false sign.

From milions one is right,
it's your faith or my life.
You have twisted my mind,
made me pray your false sing.
I didn't know what was true,
I was lost without clue,
but now I know for real,
there are no gods to appeal.

Doesen't matter which side you're on,
There's no right there's no wrong.
You have made me feel false guilt,
to your god for I have sinned.
But mistakes have been made,
and my faith has turned to hate.
I curse you and your god,
I will tear your soul apart.

I'll burn in hell,
for my sins,
I will be damned.
But before I'm,
dead and gone.
I won't bow,
any god.

Don't threaten me with your hell,
I've been there I can tell.
It's just a lie like your faith,
I feel eternal hate.
To you and your kind,
I won't pray your false sign.

Your god made me to be,
bitter and hateful and see.
That when doomsday is here,
I won't feel any fear.