Hate Revelation: The Northern Realm

I was born to this freezing hell,
the escape for me no one can tell.
Here is constant pain and sorrow,
I only wish that there is no tomorrow.
Brake my soul and tear me to pieces,
infect me with all diseases.
And still I won't suffer like I do,
in this Northern Realm.

In the Northern Realm...
Dark forces gather to torment your soul.
In the Northern Realm...
All hope dies by winds blow.
In the Northern Realm...
Darkness of winter night is all you see.
In the Northern Realm...
Despair and pain are all you feel.

From the darkness of cold winter night,
came all these demons to my mind.
The northern wind blows trough my heart,
my soul is frozen and torn apart.
I can't describe the pain I feel,
I only hope that you suffer whit me.
I want every soul to be shadered like mine was,
In this Northern Realm.

Torment my heart,
tear it apart,
make my soul bleed,
give me no mercy,
and I won't hate you,
as much as I do,
hate myself,
and this Hell.