Hate Revelation: Blackhearted

Every mistake I've made in my life,
blackened my heart one at a time.
Now each day that goes by,
wounds me bit more I don't know why.
Look to the shadows as long as I,
and see only darkness in all aspects of life.
Finally believe in nothing but lies,
look forward to day when everyone dies

From the darkness of nights of fear,
thought aproaches "End is near".
Once again it clearly seems,
silence in my mind it screams:
"Now there's no return,
I feel my soul slowly burn."
When all the demons of my mind,
Brake again the blackest heart of mine.

I feel so hollow lost in despair,
my broken soul can no one repair.
If I could only undo my birth,
to this cold place true hell on earth.
What can one do to avoid ones fate,
lose all the bitterness and all the hate.
Stillborn my soul perhaps was not,
but broken by all disappointments I have got.