Unholy Magic

Jinxed | 12.03.2010 | Electronic


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Gutterfucked remains of what once was our world,
I'm dancing next to it and cry and laugh ,
they say I'm loosing my mind, I very well might be.
But still I'm free in ways I hope you will never see.

Eyecandy of gods, creators hysterical pet monster.
I'm pleasing, I'm teasing, I make even myself sick.
Divine fucking freakshow in the world of babylonTV.
Frail flowers going violently insane, I'm pleasing I'm teasing.
Misguided and sick specimens telling men what they can and cant do,
influenced by unholy magic, nothing good can grow from corrupted soil.

Small minded fuck, proud and tainting,
its like a spreading corruption, unclean and unholy.
Human condition is an abomination in a jar,
and you do nothing but nurture that monster,
encourage evil and you are no better.
Your scriptures are false, tools of oppression,
thousands of years old, that just makes them old tools, you tool!

When nothing matters like in the world you have created,
nothing can be lost, won or achieved.
So fuck it, let it burn. Join me and my voices,
tear and torch down your minds babylon,
dance by the inferno and laugh,
waiting for nuclear spears to purify.
Dance and laugh like it would solve everything,
you can cry and scream too, but we are loosing nothing.

Modern day preachers, dance and laugh,
you lack the strength of character,
to be nothing but lamb among lambs.
Every organised religion on earth worship the same deity,
and that god is the power and money of the elite.
Only things that are different are the path walked,
and the amount of heretical illusions created by men to justify evil.
Blaspehemers, heretics, hypocrites.
justifying murder and oppression in the name of your gods.
Fuck you! my god is not like that,
in fact, my god dances and laughs!
Thats just your greed and hunger for power and attention talking through you dog,
there is nothing divine in it, and you know it,
and it most certainly is not a message or a calling from god!

When you die and walk up to the gates of heaven,
I find it much more likely that god will ask "so how did you like it,
was it fun? did you try out all the cool stuff I made for you? did ya make alot of friends?"
then "were you a good person and followed alot of absurd rules made by bitter and misguided men?"


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