The Facts

Jaxx Mistah Wodou | 13.01.2007 | Rap
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u know i wont stop until the rocks r shining
but still i never gonna decorate my nuts with diamonds
and even though im looking good with the glocks n nines i
keep on spittin facts n rhymes like shots r fired
i start the riot yall niggas dont know
im bout to lit off the bomb when i start spittin my flow
cuz all i have to do is dial seven diggits then call
with pride shine ride thats some of the reasons i roll
whoh ive been raised to have self respect
so dont u try to cross my manly or your chest gets checked
no mo playes in the game cuz the bets are set
and thats why u wear(in) them masks u cant digest this shit
no i dont need to point the finga to notice the fake
slowly after the joint be lit up i poison the snakes
when i roll u have duck run and cover ya ass
discover the wrath just cuz u aint luvin the facts

its an eye for an eye thats how we roll
either smile or its nine gotta stay strong
dont walk on the edge or u may fall
better lay low just cuz i say so

cuz im still earning the cheeze still disturbing the peace
still learning to freeze when hear the word from police(stil burnin not freeze when...)
but fuck that. cuz the word on the streets is bust back
aint no bird singin peace its just that
niggas keep sayin they know me
and they claimin homies
but they fakes n phonies settin up rage upon me
its just right like my creator told me
son the world is full of haters only
and one good advice recommended strongly
keep yo friends real far and yo enemies close
see dawgs can turn real slick
use yo trust against u those niggas will burn real quick
i wonder how they born from the sperm real sick
they say they have balls but never earned their dick BITCH
and u know who u r lookin behind yo backs
yeah i know its real hard to hear the facts the facts


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