Jaxx Mistah Wodou | 10.01.2007 | Rap
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startin off bringin on puttin lyrics on mah beats
this is raw muthafuckin mistah wodou hear me spit
and my shit wont stop, ama keep it comin til i drop
the flawless the bombest this shit got cream on top
and niggas ask why jaxx got some rage up in his shiiet
becuz i hit the flow non stop just keep yo nose out of my biz
keep it real and true for yall my real dawgs,
and 4 the haters dont expect me 2 be kickin 4 da wrong cause
still walkin broke its like a got a fuckin hole in my pocket
4 the hoes u can suck it, u know my attittude FUCK IT
from the east 2 da west and from the north 2 da south
i got this something 4 yall niggas u can talk about
i break it down with this instramelody put the sound
underground spread around let it storm through da whole town
4 mabeste nimefika this is 4 all yall to hear me
english or kiswahili 4 all my homies to feel me
dont think i changed my style im only getting bettaa
hopin this rhymin will someday gon get me paid up straight up
yeah a lil something 4 the forecoming, 2004, still raw off the law
this is 4 yall uh..


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