Sands of Time

Helion | 07.06.2005 | Progressive Metal
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Close my eyes and think about the day
All the lies I heard those people say
Once disguised, betrayal is now grown in every mind
All these fears
Must keep my thoughts inside

Now I'm watching it... thinking it
Staring at it changing all too real
And I'm sensing it... fearing it
Feeling it take over this useless life

It all becomes too clear
That living this poor life
The ones who are sincere
Have turned to sands of time

Open eyes - I want to see the day
Want to feel its beauty
in a whole new different way
I've become the master of my life
I've begun to open all those locked doors
In your mind

(Open up your mind)

Now all of this is clear
I'm living back my life
The time I used to waste
Don't want to wait the tide
The end is getting near
So throw away your pride
It's time to win your fear
And take my hand instead
The sands of time


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Röffeli 30.05.2007
maagisen kuuloset riffit ainaki löytyy ja muutenki kivaa kuunneltavaa :D
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