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Cosmetic Underclass | 10.02.2006 | Rock

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Don’t mess with my home electronics, told you twice
See your fingerprints on my CD’s, not nice
You reprogrammed my DVD player
Now it’s fucked baby, can’t fix it baby

It all started with the Pong in the seventies honey
Got a whole collection of domestic electronics
You should appreciate a little my machinery baby
Got a six-point surround sound living room

I wanna generate a feeling got Beatles in my flat
And I’m interested in details and trivial facts
Maybe you wanna know who’s got the fastest connections
And a full set of I-technology equipments (hook)

You got the wrong idea, it’s not a fixation
Honey come on here I have a revelation
What’s your problem there I got a solution
At the top of the hi-fi evolution

Sometimes I get a strange little anticipation
You feel jealous for my Playstation
And all the other things I’m spending my time with
Honey hold on a while I got a high score nigh (hook)


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Temeteus 19.04.2006
Tässä ihmiset on ollu kuulevinaan Franzia ja sensellasta. Höpötyslaulua ja monkees-stemmoja ou jee. Toivottavasti maistuu... -tex-
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