Endless Path

Corner | 07.02.2006 | Heavy Metal

Tämän biisin pohjat on nauhoitettu kesällä 2004, ja laulut hiljalleen kevään/kesän 2005 aikana sanojen valmistuttua. Työläs biisi, siis. Jonkinlaista riffittelyä, jos tyyliä luonnehditaan. Sanat kertovat loputtomasta kehästä, jota kierrämme.

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Kappaleen sanat

Endless minutes, seconds crawl slowly away
I'm stuck in a place where time stands still
Where every day is the same, there is no change

It's like I've been buried alive
Locked away in a cold, dark cell

Forever trapped in a state of despair
Forever suffering in this place
Wandering this endless path
Praying for it all to come to an end

No one leaves this place
There's no escape from its nothingness

There's no escape

With all the sweetness gone what's left for me to taste?
A bitterness that burns my tongue, like rubbing salt into my wounds
The pain is the only thing that's real

Sending chills down my spine
My body's soaking in cold sweat

I feel like I'm holding a gun
Against my head that won't fire
I pull the trigger but it won't budge
The clock ticks but my time won't expire


There's no escape this world remains in a static state
In this place everything stands still, everything stays the same
There will be no change

I have been buried alive
Left to rot in my cold, dark cell

Left to rot in my cell x4


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NoPeHoPe 30.07.2006
Tullut Metallicaa kuunneltua? :)
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