Bastardon | 28.01.2020 | Goth

A song about domestic violence and abuse.

Words and Music by Arto Hietala

2020 remix and remaster
Produced and mixed by Will Fakapany Song Jr III

Performed by Bastardon:
Arto - vocal, guitars
Bastard One - bass
Bastard Two - organ
Will Fakapany Song Jr III - drums, piano

Clean Blood Entertainment 2015/2020

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Kappaleen sanat

The rising sun has passed away
As you create dreams from the words I say
Behind the curtain I raise my hands
As you welcome back your loving Devilman

Old story books are all stuck in the cupboards
You face the truth inside a garbage can
But baby, you play the key part in my master plan
So let me be your loving Devilman
Let me be your forever loving man

You'd wake up screaming in the meadow dusk
The nightmares just would not leave you be
But I have been waiting here ever since the world began
Just to be your loving Devilman

Sweet darling, you are my bride of jealousy and pain
My stories leave you alone and keep you sane
So you must follow me now whichever way you can
The eternal love of your Devilman
Let me be your forever loving man


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