Hickory Town Killings


Words and Music by Arto Hietala

2020 remix by Will Fakapany Song Jr III

Performed by Arto Hietala (Vocal, guitars, bass, synth, harmonica)
and Will Fakapany Song Jr III (drums, synth, loops)

Clean Blood Entertainment 2017/2020

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The Whites moved in from Louisville
Looking for a new start
Mark had just declared bankrupt
But found a job here running Wal-Mart
His wife and daughter by his side
He still felt pretty blessed
Young Annie was their jewel
And it was truly well expressed
Though they all hated having to move west
For all dear friends they may never see
Annie used to get bad dreams
About some old house and a tree

Tom had the best laid plans
Of all the young men in town
Straight A's and team captain
The prettiest girlfriend around
He used to play as a child
With his friends at the hickory house
An abandoned old shack
With nailed shut windows
And a big hickory tree at the back
Worshiped by his brothers and friends
Tommy was the young king of the town
But I guess every now and then
Even heroes get brought down

"We'll be leaving in the morning"
Anna said with a trembling voice
"Your daddy's been gone for a month or so
He'd left a card saying "take care of the boys""
"We'll be heading out to country
To a place they call Hickory Town
It'll be peace and quiet down there
And the pain will soon die down"
Anna would soon work two full time jobs
Wondering how it's come to this
She'd listen to the boys weeping at night
Too tired to go console or kiss
How quick and fast a spirit can die
How quickly heavens turn to abyss

Those were the stories behind
The seven bodies the police dug out
From the big backyard behind
The old hickory house
Slayed by some passing stranger
That could never be found
And the hickory house
Was soon burned down to the ground
So it would no more remind the people
Of all the evil in this world
It no more allows it's demons
To get their voices heard

The whole town's still in a state of shock
It's all like a permanent still
Some people say things will pick up one day
While knowing well that they never will
And the pass-through strangers
Just drive by at full speed
Those few who stop by
Take selfies at the tree and leave
There's a 'No Vacancy'-sign
At the dead empty motel Inn
Another sea of candles light
The old hickory tree
They say the old hickory house appears
Now and then like a ghost at nights
Or like a forever haunted cemetery
Trying to make things right
It's like it tells the town people
To never give up their fight


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Hosse 30.01.2020
Aivan loistava biisi. Todella taitavasti tehty kokonaisuus. Toistaiseksi paras mitä tänä vuonna on mikserissä saatu aikaan.
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