Distorted worldview 27.11.2008


Distorted worldview!
Cracked up consciousness!
Scattered, falling soul!
Sick. Chained in hell!

Distorted worldview!

The knowledge of vanity sickens the center of the world.
Drained slowly away in silence of transforming material.
Employed as human being. Being strangled by disbelief.
Group of disturbed mammals. We need to die.

No can do… Let´s go. I´ll be the first one to jump off the cliff.

When we go, we feel the pain.
We felt the pain always, but now it´ll stop.
When we go, we feel the pain.
We felt the pain always, but now it´ll stop.

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Straight to the reapers arms 04.01.2007


At first we met
after her funeral.
I came from the bar...Wasted
In the dead of the night
you woke me up.
You passed the bottle
and said that it´s time to
meet my final friend.

Straight to the reapers arms.

The next time you came
I already knew something about you.
You came to my nightmare
and wanted to keep me in sleep.
I grasped for air and tried to scream
but in vain.
You promised me something
to be seen at the third time we meet.

Straight to the reapers arms.

No, no more pain never again.
No, no more joy never again.

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Artist and his demons blues 04.04.2004


Is he a man? That I am unable to tell you,
but he is inside somewhere in these dark dirty walls.
He takes me down in mysterious cold.
Im falling forever as his wings grow for me.

His health wilts every word that he writes.
His mind drifts further of for portraits I implant.
Another piece of his brain on a frame...
And no delight because theres nothing there for him to share.

-An empty look. A flower that never will bloom.
-An empty look. The life departs right in front of our eyes.

-Within decades of misery.
-Its all over now. He is gone.

-Afterwards when the ages have...

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Into river below 05.04.2004


You can say that today is not
a lovely dawn like in the olden days.
She is crying behind a thick door.
Crying in her emptiness.

She lost all. All at once.
In a cursed war, with its cursed foes.
Now no one left, and no one cares.
So she fell down in emptiness.

He returns from a fight he had won.
Into empty hall...deathlike silence.
High in the tower beside bedroom window
is a letter which lies that he should have died.

Sardonic men, the defeated devils,
lied to the bride, so she took her own life.
This is a curse, not protection from God.
not a price to be paid for a victorous man.


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Killer and the drugs 04.04.2004


She is dead. He is dead. There is so much blood
that they must be dead. They must be dead.
I dont know where I am. Im so high
that I dont remember where Ive been.
Where Ive been.
There is something in my pockets. Oh my
God, they are fresh fingers of a girl.
Of a young girl.

cho: This is the end. I know I will die.
And if I do not, someone else must go - Instead.

The lights in the woods. The lights in house.
The lights in their eyes - exists no
more, and I can live overnight.

Bloodfeast with the angels of the woods.
Bloodfeast with the faces in the sky smiling.
Smiling for me.

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Just few feet away 17.11.2004


You crawled there when all were asleep.
Slowly up the stairs into bedroom of hers.
You remembered the hole in her door, just right facing her bed.
You didn´t know what do, On your knees you just shivered there in some kind of pain.
In the darkness alone, just few feets from her blooming flesh.

The bed made strange sounds and now calls your name.

You have to get inside, or you will lose your mind.
Will you sneak there on her, or do you knock on that door?
But there´s no way that she never would feel the same with you.

A daughter inside, and the father without.

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